Marriage Counselling & Self-Esteem


Marriage counselling with one of the leading, most experienced marriage counsellors in the Hills District. With over 15 years and 10,000 hours of counselling in the Hills, helping couples navigate marriage problems and create healthy relationships.

Individual therapy also plays a vital role in finding happiness and contributes to happy, healthy relationships. This is an area that we also focus on to help you find happiness.

With the experience in these areas, we are unique in our ability to work with individuals and couples together and separately to achieve the best results.

Marriage counselling can be a mix of couples work and individual work. This is effective for many couples. It requires a counsellor with integrity and the ability to keep issues separate but people can benefit greatly from this approach.

Not just talking, take real steps with each session as you learn the tools needed to take control of your life and relationship. Work with one of the outstanding marriage counsellors in Sydney.

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Marriage Counselling


Working with a specialist marriage counsellor is vital to getting the best from marriage counselling sessions. Marriage counselling is an area that requires a Counsellor with both extensive experience and depth of understanding in that area. Sharon is a leader in the field with 15 years of couples work.

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My wife and I tried 3 couples counsellors and then we found you. It was a completely different counselling experience and we wish we had found you first”. Client email excerpt.




For individuals with self-esteem issues, including confidence and anger issues, change is possible. Your journey of self-insight can be a life changing experience. You will learn more about yourself through this experience.

Counselling is not about “fixing” you. It is about learning what works for you and what doesn’t.

Self-insight is the key to making change and I work with you to put in place strategies to make the changes you need for you. Counselling, learning yourself and why you work as you do, gives you the power to choose the changes you want to make.

Counselling is about empowerment, not fixing. I work with you. Counselling can be an amazing experience if it is with the right person.


Thanks Sharon, I really look forward to our sessions. You are the best therapist I have ever worked with.” Client email excerpt.


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With 15 years of specialist, hands-on counselling experience, Sharon is one of the most experienced counsellors in the Hills District and can support and guide you to achieve your goals.

She is sought out by people across the globe to support their relationships and self-esteem.

Whether as an individual or a couple, you will be heard, get guidance and be given real strategies to help you make the changes you want.

Counselling with Sharon provides you with the benefit of both vast life experience and hands on counselling experience.

Zoom or face to face, you choose what feels most comfortable for you.


Based in Baulkham Hills – supporting people worldwide


Sharon Chapman marriage counsellor

Sharon is a highly experienced Counsellor with 15 years of working in her specialist areas and helping thousands of clients.  One of the most experienced marriage counsellors in the Hills District, helping individuals who are struggling with their self-worth, couples seeking a healthy relationship and helping you parent effectively.


She is a monthly column contributor to Hills District Independent Magazine


It can be daunting to make that first call to a counsellor, but it is worth it to know that you now have the support you need to start changing your life. Start making a positive change today!



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Located in Baulkham Hills and servicing Norwest, Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Winston Hills and the broader Hills District for face to face counselling. Online counselling is world wide and we find suitable times to account for the time differences.

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