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Supporting – Individuals & Relationships

Hey there, I am, amongst other things, an accredited Counsellor with around 15 years of experience under my belt. I’m also a partner and Mum.

I specialise in two areas which I have vast experience. Helping couples navigate their relationships. And helping individuals learn about themselves and create healthy self-esteem and confidence to be themselves.

I’m a Counsellor! Not a psychologist and as such, don’t set out to “fix” you. I don’t work with mental illness, I work with normal people. You. Regular people who need to make changes in order to be happy with their life and relationship. Together we identify the changes needed to be made and then put in place effective, hands on strategies to tackle these issues. You will learn to understand what isn’t working, where that came from and how to change it. You will be supported throughout this experience. It can actually be enjoyable!

My practice has a major focus on relationship counselling and self-esteem. I Majored in Relationship Counselling and Conflict Resolution as well as Child Development and Effective Parenting. I have focused on marriage counselling and self-esteem and am exceptionally experienced as a result.

About Me

Living in the Hills District (NSW, Australia), with my partner and our 4 kids ranging in age from 23 to 15. Life has ensured plenty of life experience to draw on in addition to my counselling education.

Before I stepped into the wonderful world of counselling, I worked as an Analyst Programmer. Years spent analysing data and code has transformed into understanding human behaviour and getting to the root of problems quickly. My fulfillment in my career comes from helping people find “their version of happy”.

It can be both intimidating and difficult to find the right Counsellor. The most important part of counselling is finding a Counsellor that you ‘click’ with. If you don’t feel that trust and level of comfort with your counsellor, then you won’t get the best out of your counselling experience. Remember, it is your life, so work with someone that you feel comfortable with to get the changes you want.

Not sure? Try one session with your counsellor. If you feel safe, supported and understood then keep going!! If not, shop around, it is an amazing process with the right person for you.

What makes me different from other counsellors and how does that benefit you?

  • You benefit from over a decade of specialist experience with a committed, experienced counsellor.
  • You get clear strategies to move forward so you don’t feel that you are “just talking” and getting nowhere.
  • Coaching in communication skills that are necessary for a good relationship.
  • People say even when they started counselling feeling nervous, within a few minutes they felt comfortable. I am easy to connect with. Who I am in my counselling room is who I am in life.

I continue to further my education in addition to attending professional supervision to maintain a high level of service for my clients. I also have a Working With Children Certificate.

Education and Training includes:

  • Diploma of Professional Counselling
  • Certificate in Relationships and Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate in Effective Parenting
  • Depression Training
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Working with Couples in Crisis training
  • Pre-Marriage Counselling
  • Teaching Anger Management Skills
  • Using CBT with Depression
  • Working with Parents
  • Counselling Adolescents
  • Something Better than Punishment – Justin Coulson
  • Supporting Clients who Self-Harm
  • Communicating with Children

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