Marriage Counselling and Couples Services


Marriage counselling or couples counselling can be a very effective way of both creating a healthy relationship and dealing with relationship difficulties. Ranging from minor irritations within the relationship to more significant issues impacting the relationship. Working with a marriage counsellor can help resolve problems that seemed insurmountable. To create a Healthy Relationship read more about Relationship Counselling Services.


Self-Esteem Counselling


If you have low self-esteem it can impact many areas of your life, including your relationship. Low self-esteem can be difficult to live with and people don’t always recognise that this is the fundamental issue. Too often, people present with relationship problems, depression or anger issues. What we discover when we start exploring these things, is that at the core of the problems, is low self-esteem. Individual Counselling will help you to explore what has caused your low self-esteem. Then we work on the strategies to improve it. Correcting your self-view will have a dramatic impact on your life in many ways and help you to gain the life you want.

To learn a bit more about self-esteem, have a look at this article which has been really popular around the world for over a decade now.


Parenting Coaching


One of the most difficult jobs in the world is raising little humans. Until you have embarked on this journey it is hard to imagine both the love and the exhaustion that are part of this process. From the moment they are born, our lives change dramatically. Learning how to parent effectively. Learning how to maintain a relationship with children. These are really important skills to learn. Parenting is both a physical and mental challenge. Read more about Parenting Guidance Service.


Individual Counselling


With individuals a main focus of my work is often self-esteem.  Many individuals find themselves stuck because of poor self-esteem and exploring this often solves other issues that people want to deal with.

For some individuals, their self-esteem is really healthy and they wish to work through some other points of concern.

For individuals, we also look at what makes you Happy! Sometimes we don’t actually know that formula and working with a counsellor can help you learn yourself, change behaviours that aren’t working for you and find your version of Happy.

No problem is too big or too small. Individual counselling is a very powerful tool and can be used to address many problems we face in life. Most people come to love their counselling sessions and find it something that they really look forward to.


Zoom and Phone Counselling


Zoom is a great method of accessing counselling from wherever you are. It provides easy access to counselling services and is usually just as effective.

The only times I find Zoom isn’t as effective is with resistant teens or combative couples. The teens benefit from sessions in person, at least until they learn to trust me and want to do the sessions. Usually then they want to switch to Zoom. Sometimes we will actually go for a walk to start with for the session as it some teens find this easier to open up and talk. Whatever works is what we do!

For couples who are struggling to keep communication respectful, in person is more effective as I can help moderate the session and keep things calm.

I have lovely counselling relationships with people across the globe thanks to Zoom.


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