Individual Therapy


Individual Therapy provides you with a supportive, respectful space to navigate things you might be struggling with. You will be provided with a confidential and respectful space to navigate life’s challenges. Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or relationship issues, I’m here to help you achieve positive change. Take the first step towards emotional well-being.

Individual therapy can be about the individual but it can also be about relationships. Often in relationship counselling we will separate and work with each person as an individual and come back as a couple in sessions. This is quite a unique way of working with relationships but has proven successful over the years.

Individual Therapy is a useful tool for relationships but also used to address many life issues such as:

  • Self-esteem
  • Anxiety
  • Work stress
  • Exam stress
  • Finding your identity as a teen (and as an adult!)
  • Unhappiness with life in general
  • Feeling a loss of identity
  • Unhappiness in a relationship
  • Parenting issues
  • Changes in life stages
  • Help with social interactions through building confidence
  • Life events that are causing ongoing stress or unhappiness
  • Goal setting
  • Communication coaching

Working with the right counsellor, who has experience and you ‘click’ with, is vital.

Many people are reluctant to seek counselling. It can be hard to take that step and ask for help but it is worth it with the right counsellor. All of us, at some stage in our lives need some help, and it shows courage to recognise this and ask for help.

Counselling can be an incredibly effective process to help explore and fix these problems.

To find a counsellor that suits you, it is important to look for:

  • a qualified counsellor
  • a lot of experience in the areas you want help in
  • and importantly, find someone you ‘click’ with.

The client/counsellor relationship, is one founded on a high level of trust. As such you need to be able to freely speak your mind with the right person.

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