Marriage Counselling Can Help You Create a Healthy Relationship


Marriage counselling or relationship counselling is a specialised form of therapy that is designed to help couples address and resolve conflicts, improve communication, and rebuild trust in their relationships. It provides a safe and supportive environment where you and your partner can work through your issues together.

It is crucial that you work with an experienced marriage counsellor who has been trained in this area and has vast experience. Marriage counselling is a niche area from a counselling perspective.


What are the benefits of marriage counselling?

    • Improved Communication: One of the primary benefits of relationship counselling is the enhancement of communication skills. You will learn how to effectively communicate to feel heard and eliminate misunderstandings or not hearing each other.
    • Active Listening: Learning to truly listen to your partner is crucial in a marriage. Marriage counselling equips you with the tools to understand each other’s perspectives, fostering a more empathetic and harmonious relationship.
    • Resolving Conflicts: Marriage counseling provides a structured, safe and respectful setting to address and resolve conflicts. You will be guided through productive and constructive discussions, helping you find common ground.
    • Negotiation Skills: You’ll learn how to negotiate effectively, finding solutions that work for both partners. This skill is invaluable for maintaining a peaceful and balanced marriage.
    • Trust Restoration: In cases of trust issues or betrayal, marriage counselling can help you rebuild the trust that may have been damaged. You will be supported and guided through the process of forgiveness and healing.
    • Emotional Support: Marriage counselling offers a safe space to express your emotions, fears, and vulnerabilities. You will be heard, supported and guided throughout the sessions, even the tough conversations that may not normally end well.
    • Rekindling Romance: Marriage counselling can reignite the passion and romance in your relationship. You’ll discover new ways to connect, rekindling the love you once had for each other.


What Are Marriage Counselling Sessions Like?


Many people feel intimidated by the idea of counselling. The first session is only daunting for a few minutes! Please trust that I will guide you and help you feel comfortable and safe as we explore the relationship in a very respectful way.

I will help you to explore your relationship and get a very clear, structured view of what is happening in your relationship and understand what areas we need to focus on to achieve your relationship goals.

My job is to ensure you feel safe to speak openly and help you to navigate moments that may feel uncomfortable. The counselling room should become a place where you feel heard, safe and respected to get your needs met.

Many of my clients will actually come to enjoy and anticipate their couples sessions. It is usually a very positive experience.


What type of therapist is best for marriage counselling?


Relationship counselling is a very specialised area that counsellors train in. Rather than look after the emotions of one person, the counsellor needs to be skilled at making both people feel safe and heard as well as navigating the issues presented.

Relationship counselling requires a counsellor with both training and experience.


Is it too late for Marriage counselling?


The sooner you start looking after your relationship, the easier it is to get the results you are after. If you both want the relationship and are motivated to work at it consistently, then it is not too late. Couples can seem to be in an awful place but be willing to take responsibility for their part to make change. In these instances, relationships can be rebuilt and healthy, happy relationships can emerge.

It all depends on the level of effort and intent to make change.

Interestingly, many couples will work through their “deal breakers”, such as affairs and create a better relationship than they have ever had. It is work. It takes time. Bit it can be worth it if you both want it.


Are you ready to create a healthy relationship?


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